News » 8th December 2019

Remit Voting Results


All 8 Remits have been successful, and will come into force on 31st December.

Therefore the new Rules will read as follows:

Remit 1.  Appendix 5, Clause 5.2

  Appointment of Music Judges to National Contest Panels

The panels of Music Judges as in paragraph 5.1 shall be appointed from those National Panel Judges who have confirmed their availability for any Contest.

Music Judges will be appointed by ballot conducted among members bands that have competed at one or both of the last two previous National Contests.

Bands that have not competed at either of the last two Contests will not be eligible to vote. Ballot papers listing the available Judges shall be forwarded to each band eligible to vote no later than six months prior to the date of the National Contest and must be completed and returned to the Board one month later.

In the case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote.

Remit 2. Appendix 3, Clause 2.2


Out of pocket expenses of not less than $100 shall be paid to New Zealand resident Piping, Drumming, Ensemble, Dress, Marching, Mace Flourishing, Special Trophies Judges and Supervisors.

Remit 3a.    Rule 4.14


Penalties for breaches of the Contest Rules may be imposed by the National Contest Supervisor, as provided by Chapter 8.

Remit 3b.   Rule 8.1.2 v


Failing to play with correct composition and membership

 (Rule 4.1 & Rule 4.12.2xii)

Remit 4. Rule 4.13


For each National Contest venue the Contest Supervisor will define the playing and non-playing areas of the Contest Arena for each event and grade, and will advise all competing bands at least 5 days before the Contest which grades will be allowed to play on/off.

For Set and Medley events, no band or member of a band shall play any instrument other than a bass drum tap, anywhere within the contest arena, from the time and place when the band has left the final tuning area until the band reaches the starting line for its programmed musical performance. No band shall play off the arena after it has performed. Breaches of this rule shall be penalised by the National Contest Supervisor.

Remit 5. Rule 5.2.5 STREET MARCH


Bands will be judged by two Piping judges, one Ensemble judge, one Drumming judge, and three Drill judges, positioned as directed by the Contest Supervisor.

The Music judges will alternate between Grades. Judges will assess each band’s performance  and place the bands in order of preference using the ranking system. (see Rule 4.7)


The Contest Supervisor will appoint, in consultation with the Convenor of the Music Judges Committee, a competent person to judge the Harry Kitto Trophy for Bass section Balance and Flourishing between Grades 1 and 2, and the Westpac Trophy for Bass Section Balance and Flourishing between Grades 3, 4A, and 4B

Remit 7. Rule 4.12.1   OFFICIAL TIME

For the purposes of Time Scheduling, official time shall be that displayed by an analogue clock or a digital clock showing hours and minutes with figures of a size that can be easily read, erected at the following points.

i.                    For the Street March, at the designated final tuning area

ii.                   For the Sets, Medleys and Displays, at the designated final tuning area which is to be located between 50 and 100 metres from the designated competition board.

Remit 8.  Rule 5.5.4   MACE FLOURISHING

The course for the final will be a straight march of 45 metres parallel with the main stand, a countermarch followed by a wheel at the centre of the straight march, 30 metres to a countermarch at rear of ground and halt in front of main stand.