NZ Pipeband Magazine is published quarterly, on about the end of February, May, August and November.

Subscription rates:
$NZ 25.00 delivered in New Zealand
$NZ 35.00 delivered in Australia
$NZ 45.00 delivered elsewhere 

The May 2021 edition is now out and offers something for everyone

The magazine includes:

  • National Contest 2021 - a full report of the weekends events
  • The Leading Edge - Nicole Ecklein on leafding a band (and more)
  • Alan and Bonnie Bevan - Simon Fraser University.  20 years on.
  • Pirates of Kapiti Coast
  • Life membership award.
Plus regular columns:
  • Editorial Comment
  • News
  • Centre Roundup
  • In Tune - the RNZPBA's voice
  • Calendar or upcoming events

Previous features:

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