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Piper The RNZPA's Education Group has a range of material to improve your skills. Select below:

As part of the ongoing commitment of the RNZPBA Education Group to provide programmes for NZ Pipe Bands and their members, and with the support of Pub Charity, a series of tutorials will be released in stages, under the direction of Greg Wilson - Principal of the College of Piping. 

These tutorials will be in many forms, including multi-media, and PDF - the first in the series is available for viewing and download immediately. Simply click on the month to access the desired material. 

 Organisational Debriefing - 195kb 

 So you want to be a better band? - 225kb 

 Planning for Success - 110kb 
  Hornpipes and Jigs (includes audio) - 475kb 
 Setting up the Pipe Corps - 180kb 
  Pipe Maintenance & Moisture Control  with YouTube clip 
  Band Practices - 420kb 
  Medley Construction (includes audio) - 660kb 
  Teaching & Educating - 475kb 
  MSR Expression (includes audio) - 2950kb 
  Piping for Drummers - 215kb 
  Pipe Chanter reed manipulation - 330kb
  Timing of embellishments (includes audio) - 600kb
  Preparation for a band contest - 320kb