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Mentoring Programme

The aim of the Mentor Programme is to support bands that are committed to self-improvement in all areas of banding. The new programme will be operated with measurable success in helping bands to analyse their performance and management systems and develop improvement strategies over a 12 Month period.

The RNZPBA Education Group will pay the Mentor a fee for their time and expertise and will fund up to $500 of travel for visits to your band. If a Band requires a mentor to visit their band for any reason after the initial $500 has been spent, the band will need to fund this themselves.

The Mentor will along with the officers of the band complete an initial assessment of strengths, weaknesses and goals of the band. This assessment will lead to an agreed set of priorities and improvement objectives which will become the focus of the Mentor Programme. The mentor will primarily work in the background with the officers of the band to help achieve the objectives and goals.

Bands selected for this programme are expected to ensure a high turnout of their
piping/drumming teams during the agreed timetable of tutor visits, which may or may not include weekend sessions. The Mentor will be available via any the following methods:
Skype, telephone, email, facebook or in person. You will be encouraged to use recordings and mp3's, youtube and dropbox to ensure aspects of performance are being monitored and reviewed.

The Education Group will consider each band's commitment and potential to benefit from the Mentor Programme when making selections from applications. The awarding of a Mentoring Programme is conditional on suitable tutors being available. There is no restriction on what grade of band may apply.

Mentoring Application Form (Oct 2018)

2016 Judges Forum

Following the 2016 NZ Pipe Band Championships in Feilding, a Judges Forum was held, at which, participants had the opportunity to discuss with the weekends adjudicators, a variety of topics based on what the adjudicators were looking for in a performance.
The form was recorded, and available for viewing on this link:
View Judges Forum