News » 30th April 2018

RNZPBA Grading Advisory Panel

The RNZPBA grading advisory panel met, as it always does, on the final day of our National Contest at Rotorua on March 10th, and has recommended some grade changes which have now been advised to the Bands concerned.

Those bands recommended for a grade change have until the 30th of June to appeal the proposal, before a final decision is made by the Grading Committee.

The panel also identified some bands which will need to show improvement if they are to avoid a regrading recommendation (down) in the future. Those bands have been extended the courtesy of being advised that this is the view of the panel.

We remind bands that any band, regardless of whether it has been the subject of a regrading recommendation, may apply (with a well-reasoned argument) to be regraded, with such applications also being considered by the Grading Committee. The Grading Committee is able to consider and decide on such applications any time up to 4 months prior to the next annual contest (typically early November). However, if any Bands were considering making such an application we would encourage them to do so, if possible, before June 30, so that the Grading Committee can consider all appeals and applications at one time and thereby bring a holistic approach to the process.

RNZPNA Management Board.