News » 5th December 2016

"Playing Up" dispensations

The schedule of dispensations for "playing up" is available from the CONTESTS page.  Such dispensations are granted in accordance with Rule 4.1.3:

4.1.1  Grades 1, 2 and 3 Bands shall comprise not less than 8 pipers, 3 side drummers and 1 bass drummer. Grade 4 bands shall comprise not less than 6 pipers, 2 side drummers and 1 bass drummer. 
4.1.2  Every member of a competing band may compete with only one band at a contest. 
4.1.3 However, dispensation may be sought to allow an Eligible Band Officer to compete with a Band in a higher grade.  Eligible Band Officer is defined as a Pipe Major, Musical Director, Pipe Sergeant, Pipe Corporal, Drum Sergeant, Leading Drummer, Drum Corporal, Section Leader, Pipe Tutor and Drum Tutor.  Any player for whom dispensation is sought must have been an Eligible Band Officer in a Lower Grade Band for at least six months prior to the National Contest.  A band may have no more than three members:- one piper, one snare drummer, one tenor/bass player that shall be granted dispensation to play in two bands. Rule deleted. 
4.1.4  Application shall be made by the player and Band seeking dispensation on the prescribed Application Form.  All applications for dispensation must be supported by full documentation from the Lower Grade Bands records including copies of minutes of Annual General Meetings or Special General Meetings confirming appointment to the position held by any player for whom dispensation is sought.  Applications shall be made at the time of submitting entries for the National Contest and must be forwarded to the National Contest Supervisor for determination. 
4.1.5 The National Contest Supervisor shall make a decision on the application in consultation with the Board. The National Contest Supervisor may consider noncompliant applications which outline extenuating circumstances.
 4.1.6 Dispensation shall not be granted where the prescribed requirements are not documented in an acceptable format. 
4.1.7 Rule deleted. 
4.1.8 Rule deleted. 
4.1.9 Details of all approved dispensations shall be published and circulated to all competing bands at least 28 days prior to the Contest.