News » 2nd June 2021

2021 Remits

2021 Remit Process for Changes, Additions, and deletions to the National Contest (and other) Rules of the Association

The RNZPBA Management Board has defined the following system for receiving, debating, and voting on recommendations to alter, rescind or make new Rules of the Association.

The system is now fully online and this link, Remit Proposals takes you to the Remit resource centre which contains:

  1. The new Remit process explained.
  2. A guide to processing the Remit.
  3. A timeline of events (2nd page of the guide).
  4. The Rules of our Association.
  5. Our Contest rules updated January 2021 (after our last Remit round).
  6. The link to the Remit proposal form.

Here is a letter explaining the new process. 2021 Remit Process (NEW).

Iain Blakeley