News » 16th November 2018

New RNZPBA President for 2019

It is with great pleasure we announce Iain Blakeley ( has been confirmed as President of the RNZPBA for 2019. 

Most of you will remember Iain’s previous tenure as President and he has continued his passion for all things pipe bands with a return to that role. 

Our current President, Allister Macgregor, will be stepping down to focus on a new entity, the New Zealand Piping Centre (, which aims to have a strategic alliance with the RNZPBA.

From 1st January 2019, Iain’s Board seat will be vacant, therefore the Board have appointed Allister to fill that seat and will seek support from the AGM for that appointment to continue until the next Board elections in October 2019.

In accordance with prior practice and for prudent Governance, there will be a handover period until 31st March 2019. The Board has agreed that Allister will act as President for the RNZPBA National Championships and the RNZPBA AGM, both held at Dunedin, to ensure an orderly transition. Iain will assume full duties from 1st April 2019.

Congratulations Iain and thank you Allister.

The RNZPBA Management Board